Top to toe – DETOX

Once you start a process of detox, because our bodies and minds are intricately connected, you might find yourself wanting to remove all sorts of things from your life. This could include toxic people, toxic thoughts, even clutter can cause stagnant toxic energy. Let’s start with the obvious – food and drink. One week out of your life isn’t a big commitment and not too daunting to stick to. Start with reasonable objectives so your system doesn’t rebel and give you undue cravings and frustrations. While we make a list of foods to exclude, it’s best not to focus on what you can’t have but rather the delicious things you can replace them with.


FRUIT & VEGETABLES: make sure they are fresh and not processed, canned or frozen.
NON-GLUTEN GRAINS: millet, brown rice, buckwheat, potato flour, quinoa.
NUTS & SEEDS: (in small quantities)– this includes walnuts, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, pecans, almonds and nut butters from cashews, almonds or sesame (tahini).
GREEN TEA: This has massive amounts of anti-oxidants and helps the body detox


SUGAR & SUGAR LADEN FOOD: replace with Stevia, honey or coconut blossom sugar.
CONDIMENTS & SAUCES: replace with cayenne pepper, vegetable salt, liquid amino’s, coconut oil or use spices like cinnamon, ginger, mustard, parsley, basil, black pepper etc.
BAD FATS: this means margarine, butter, mayonnaise. Replace with small amounts of coconut oil or virgin cold pressed olive oil.
ANIMAL PROTEIN: replace with vegetable protein like split peas, lentils and legumes. You can also eat tofu, organic free range chicken or fish you know comes from a sustainable source.
STIMULANTS: alcohol, coffee, caffeine beverages. Replace with lots of water, herbal tea, lemon water, coconut water.
DAIRY: replace with rice and nut milk and nut butters that use ingredients like almond and coconut.


PROCESSED FOODS: avoid these altogether – things like carbonated drinks, pastries, anything in a can or from the freezer, cheese, desserts, crisps, chocolates, caffeine, alcohol.
See how delicious you can make everything you eat. Detoxing doesn’t have to be about deprivation, it’s all about being prepared, knowing your alternatives, paying attention and exercising mindfulness. Getting lots of fresh vegs into your body can be done
through juicing. Vegetables with spices can be so delicious if you take time to be creative. Blending ingredients, adding digestive spices and housing with freshly squeezed lemon can create numerous delicious flavours. Get hold of a raw food recipe book and you will be amazed at some of the tastes you can achieve with simple ingredients. Beetroot hummus, butternut soup, Tahini, steamed spinach with sesame seeds, bean dishes are all delicious with vegetable purees and spices.

Did you know?

Although we associate sugar with creating spikes in your blood sugar level and setting up cravings and energy dips, we also think of it as contributing to weight gain. Sugar though, is one of the biggest ageing culprits and speeds up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sugar attaches itself to the collagen fibres in your skin breaking them down. Collagen is what helps your skin look firm and plump.

All you need is Epsom salt. Put a generous amount in your bath, up to two cups. These salts are full of magnesium and encourage detoxification in the body. They also boost digestion, help remove water retention and reduce cellulite.

Household cleaners can be loaded with chemicals. Chemical cleaners have been identified as contributing to skin allergies and asthma. Replace everything from your dishwashing liquid to bleach, laundry liquid, oven cleaner, drain cleaner with non-toxic alternatives. The same goes for your cosmetics, your make-up, nail polishes, hair products and body creams can all be replaced with organic and natural alternatives.

This means the clutter in your thoughts as well as your environment. If you find yourself thinking continuously and avidly or angrily about a situation or person, find a way to resolve and forgive – even if it’s only in your head and you can’t change the situation or person. These thoughts can create toxins in your body.
See if your surroundings weigh heavily on you. Piles of filing, out of date tax returns, an endless to-do list that never gets done create stress which creates toxins.