Face masks of potatoes for all skin types. Homemade masks potato

Baked potatoes or cooked in the shell and turned into mashed extremely high-quality base for skin care. Potatoes contain vitamins A, B group, C, F, rich in carbohydrates, magnesium and potassium.

All these ingredients are much healthier for human consumption as much as I care, of course, in combination with appropriate additives that are determined by the type of skin.

Masks potatoes are easy to make and are very healthy for the skin. I singled out the best mask potato for all skin types.

Mask of potatoes for refreshment

The lukewarm mashed potatoes, add two beaten egg yolks and the mixture of a teaspoon of honey and sweet milk. All stir well and you get a smooth paste, apply it on the face, neck and decollete. After half an hour apply the mask with lukewarm water and put cream. This mask potato bleached, nourishes and tightens the skin. Due to the rapid effects you can apply and evening before going out.

Mask of potatoes for oily skin

Make mashed potatoes two, add a spoonful of sour cream and apple cider vinegar. While still warm, apply the mask on the face, neck, decollete and hands. You bet via the foil that will hold heat and accelerate the effect of the mask. Through hands you can put plastic bags. 40 minutes after rinse the mask hot water.

Mask of potatoes for dry skin

In a deeper bowl, mix mashed potatoes, cream, teaspoon of honey and olive oil. Smooth warm mask applies on the prepared skin peeling face, neck, chest and hands. Cover it with foil and after half an hour, rinse your face and put moisturizer.

Mask of potatoes for older and tired skin

The mashed potatoes add half a chopped avocado, egg yolk, spoon olive oil and honey. Masks can regulate the whipped cream. Apply it on the face, neck, decollete and hands. After half an hour, wash the mask and apply the cream from the appropriate lifting cosmetic lines.

Mask of potatoes for inflamed skin and acne

Seethe larger potatoes in the crust when more half cooked add the onions in the crust. When the potatoes are cooked, clean it and put in a blender along with the chopped onion and a teaspoon of honey. You can regulate the density of fresh cream. Apply the mask, hold for half an hour and rinse with warm, then cold water. If you have acne you may want to rub the slices of fresh port face before betting the mask.

Whitening skin, blemishes and dark circles

Make Cream of potato and lemon juice in to add a teaspoon of honey. Then add a little lotion in grape alcohol for storage and antiseptic effects. Several times a day, skip the lotion over the place that you want to whiten, and one day put on the spot or fangs grated raw potatoes and cover with foil to better operate and does not dry. Keep half an hour and repeat the procedure everyday goat does not whiten.