7 unexpected ways to use deodorant stick. Truly universal means!

7 unexpected ways to use deodorant stick. Truly universal means!

Most of us use deodorant to reduce sweating and prevent the occurrence of unpleasant odor. But this product can be used for other purposes.

We have prepared seven unusual ways to use a deodorant stick, which proved to be useful for other purposes.

How to use deodorant:

Sore spot between her legs.

Prevent the occurrence of rash between your legs if you can apply a thin layer of deodorant on-going domestic thighs. It is understood to be applied to clean, dry skin.

Excessive fat skin.

Few people know that, using a deodorant stick, can relieve Oily T-zone. Swipe your finger across the applicator, and then after the T-zone, either directly deodorant.

Keep in mind, this tool should not be applied on a clean face, but only through the makeup. Forget about facial oily shine, all day!


People who are overweight often have a problem with sweating, and even in the field below the chest, below the knees, on the back of the head. Simply, use deodorant in these places, and forget about skin irritation.

New shoes.

The interior of the new shoes (or feet) brush deodorant, especially cities that potentially threaten gritty: it will prevent the formation of blisters. Tested – working!

Refresh your feet.

It is not required to buy specific assets of the legs, for odor control. Apply deodorant to dry washed your feet, to avoid their odor.

Insect bites.

Practically immediately can remove itching after mosquito bite, bites namazavši city deodorant stick.


The composition of many deodorants include antibacterial additives which effectively helps reduce skin inflammation and thus the release of the pimple.

Deodorants now used by all. But the same when buying, pay attention to its composition. A quality product should not contain alcohol, aluminum salts and parabens, which block the sweat glands.

Of course, if you have a little time and patience, deodorant stick can make yourself, while it has no negative impact on our body.