Tips From After School Nana

After-School Nana transformed herself from a good girl to a bad girl on beauty show.


Nana gave her own makeup tutorial on OnStyle ‘Get It Beauty Self’ which will be aired on the 22nd. With a concept of ‘Good Girl and Bad Girl,’ she showed dramatic image change with different makeup styles.

She first taught how to create the ‘first love image’—feminine, pure, and lovely—and then turned into a sexy, chic night girl with smoky eye makeup and red lips.

Nana reportedly achieved a makeup artist license. Her gorgeous transformation and professional makeup skill wowed every staff in the studio, according to \’Get It Beauty Self\’ official.

Meanwhile, Nana has recently released her travel essay book with Raina and Lizzy, showing off various charms that she couldn\’t have shown on stage. (photo by Pledis)’



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